A Real Estate Fairy Tale Ending

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Real Estate

Agents often put up their "Just Solds" to let you know what they're up to, and so do I, but this sale on Sacramento Street in Richmond View has a special story behind it that I'd like to share.

My son--and his friends--are at the age when their thoughts turn to home and family.  A couple that he knows well were apartment dwellers in Richmond View. They loved their home but got a nasty shock when the landlord told them he was selling and needed them to move out in a month.  They were stunned, but they remembered a home for sale right down the street that could suit them very well.  

All the questions came up: Was their enough time to buy a home? Were they even ready to buy? Could they really afford it? Do they really want the commitment a home purchase requires? 

They came to me with these questions and more, and we were able to work out a plan that made this purchase doable.  Now, would the sellers agree?  I presented the offer to their agent and she presented it to their clients. The answer was "No". The sellers were hoping for a little more money. 

My clients were very honest about their offer, thanked the sellers for considering them, and said that they could not afford to go up in price. Somehow or other, their courtesy, honesty, and earnestness won the day and the sellers accepted their initial offer! 

In one week's time, my clients went from worried ex-renters to ecstatic home owners! Happily ever after!

Do you have a real estate dream you want to come true? 

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