Are you a GenXer? Ready to rock real estate?

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Who is driving the real estate market? If you're a GenXer, YOU are,

First, let's define our terms: Are you between 37 and 51 years old? Are you married? Are you moving due to a change of employment? Do you have kids? If so, Mr and Ms GenXer, you are ready to rock the real estate world. You make up the second largest share of buyers at 28%.  If you checked the "Married" box, you are included in the largest share of buyers at 68%. 

And you, according to the statistics, are an easy-going generation.  Some of you like new houses with all the "smart home" bells and whistles while others prefer previously owned homes for their charm and character. You'd like it to be near schools for your kid's convenience, but you, with a median household income of $106,600, can send your child to a private school if need be.

You also seem to get the "Big Picture" of home ownership. You plan to live in the home you buy for a while, so you're not so concerned with a home's condition. You understand that you can budget in non-critical repairs, and do them as needed. 

You also are in no hurry.  You take your time to find the right home for you and you tend to buy larger and more expensive homes than any other generation.

In short, you sound like my perfect client. Give me a call and let's talk. 

All statistics are from findings of the 2016 Real estate market from the NAR Economist Outlook