Combat Buyer's Remorse

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Real Estate

Did you second, third, and forth guess your choice of major in college? When you met your dream partner did the decision to marry fill you with happiness or anxiety?  When you knew you would soon hear the the pitter patter of little feet were you wilting with worry? If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, you are a candidate for "Buyer's Remorse".

No matter how much research you did or how many model homes you visited or neighborhoods and school districts you investigated, when you make an offer on a dream home, and—voila!—you’re a homeowner, you are likely to feel like driving off a cliff ala Thelma and Louise.

Buyer’s remorse is as common as a cold. It's not just commitment phobes that suffer from it. Buying a home is probably one of the biggest financial commitments you will make, so it's understandable to be anxious.

But this I will tell you: I will be in your corner, making sure that the decisions you make suit you, your family, and your wallet.

So take a deep breath and relax. It’s going to be okay. I--and the statistics--are on your side. Did you know that 74 percent of first-time buyers say they like their new home better than their previous residence, and 67 percent of repeat buyers like theirs better?

So do your homework, because the best way to prevent (or at least mitigate) buyer’s remorse is to prepare yourself in advance, long before we open an escrow. Write out the pros and cons. Do your homework, and be sure to ask me as many questions as you need to feel more secure. 

Then, when you do sign on the dotted line, you can relax and enjoy your new home.