Got Paper? The Average CA Sales Transaction Does!

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Real Estate

Have you seen the weighty mass of paper that constitutes a California real estate transaction? Behind that is an array of laws designed to make every deal as safe for you as possible—meaning of course that we the agents assisting need to know all this stuff! 

Right now, I'm in the process of renewing my license. This happens every four years, and gets more demanding every time. As I plow through page after page of legalese and cautions I’m reminded to respect those who choose this profession. It's not an easy job. It involves long hours spent with clients and as long or longer behind the scenes, filling in contracts and the range of forms that go along, sending them for electronic signatures, negotiating with agents, engaging inspectors, riding herd to see that terms are followed…the list goes on. There's a lot to know, and the CA Bureau of Real Estate demands that we know it.

This is my seventh renewal, and something else I’ve come to believe is that even "average" Berkeley agents are the best in the business. I feel good when I'm across the table from a Berkeley colleague because I know that they know their stuff, and they know the same about me. I imagine you want an Agent with this professionalism in any East Bay transaction. You can be assured that choosing me will guarantee you an agent with the knowledge and experience to take you through every twist and turn of the local market.

Call or text me at 510-418-1306. I'd be honored to help.

Chris Neddersen

Broker Associate with Coldwell Banker in Berkeley