Home For Sale Signs Bloom Like Flowers in Spring

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Conventional wisdom with home sales is to wait for Spring to put a property on the market. Spring landscaping and weather make a perfect and very attractive frame for a home. People do wait, thinking their home needs to look its best to get a good price. And they are right--to a point--but the Bay Area real estate market is a different animal.

It's a Seller's Market in the Bay Area. I get call after call for homes to buy, but there are so few available right now that buyers have to generate very attractive high-priced offers with few to no contingencies in order to purchase an East Bay home. 

Sellers, of course, are really happy with the stiff buyer competition. Low inventory leads to bidding wars and over list offers for likely properties. In short, there are potentially very nice profits to be had for sellers whose homes are listed NOW. 

But if you're among those who feel they should wait until spring to market their home, you might find yourself competing with all the other sellers who listened to conventional wisdom.


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If you'd like to take advantage of the current, very hot Seller's market, call or text me at 510-418-1306 and let's get moving!