How seniors can save $$ on almost everything

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If you're like me, you like a deal! I'm always on the lookout for a way to save my pennies and make my dollars go further. 

There are some schools of thought that encourage not buying anything. Here's the formula from Mr. Money Mustache's Blog:

"If want to retire within 10 years, the formula is right there in front of you – simply live on 35% of your take-home pay**, which is approximately what I did without even realizing it during my own younger years. The only reason Mustachians will remain a rare breed, is because this article will never appear in USA Today. (Or if it does, people will be too busy complaining about how it can’t be done, rather than figuring out how to do it) 

** definition of take-home pay: gross income minus all taxes. Remember to add back in any 401k or other savings deductions to the paycheck you see, since these are really part of what you are “taking home” – you just happen to be saving it automatically."

If you're a senior, you probably are already learning to living a bit leaner. So how can you add a bit of fun in your life while not spending too much money. I can help. Check out "Hidden San Francisco" and you'll discover lots of ways to trim your entertainment budget!