Local Schools at your Fingertips: There's an APP!

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Hey Homebuyers!

Have you ever passed a home for sale and fallen in love? It's perfect! You love the look, the yard, the neighborhood, the whole package! You can't wait to take a look inside! But there's one big question that needs to be answered before you even find out about the open house dates: "What are the local schools like?". 

Well now you can get it answered before you leave the curb. Here's a quote from an article about the mobile app from the East Bay Times written by Joyce Tsai.

"The CA Schools mobile app, which is available for  iOS and Android systems, lets users pinpoint nearby schools based on their current location and easily access a wealth of details, including the schools’ demographics, test scores and its California School Dashboard profile page. It also allows users to look up this data on schools by city, county, school district and ZIP code, as well as search specifically for charter schools and private schools."

The schools question is a big deal for many families, and a deal breaker if the neighborhood school doesn't match the needs of your kids. No matter how much homebuyers may love a particular home, their primary responsibility is to their families. Of course, and needless to say! Here's hoping this mobile app makes your home search more efficient.

To get the CA Schools mobile app, it is available for free download through Apple’s App Store or Google Play. More information is available at the CA Schools Mobile Application support page.

I already have it on my phone, so when we meet to look at property, and you want to find out about the schools, we can in real time!

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