Musings on the Coming New Year

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Dear Friends,

I hope the coming year will be one in which you are doing a lot of celebrating. I know for many of us it seems impossible to celebrate when the changes we anticipate feel dire, but when we look at life in a holistic way, I think we find that it's the moments that count. 

For me, I've decided to this new year will be about appreciating every moment--enjoying what I have and doing what I enjoy. From that first cup of coffee in the morning, I'm dedicating myself to looking for what I want to find, the pleasure in the moment: the quiet of my early morning walk, a clever solution to my crossword puzzle, receiving or doing a kindness, a great talk with a friend, a successful transaction, a happy client. In short, anything that makes me smile,.

So many of these small things fill our lives. Sometimes we take them for granted, but this year I'm putting them front and center. This year, these are the things I'm celebrating.

I wish for me--and for you--the happiest of New Years, and hope your every moment will be filled with joy.


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