That "Tops in Buyer Controlled Sides"? That's me.

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I had a real estate coach tell me that realtors get awards for just doing their job, like those participation trophies kids get for playing various team sports.

Well, I got this award from my office manager, and I'm proud of it.

What "Buyer Controlled Sides" means is that I represented successful buyers in their home purchase. This certificate, specifically, shows that, in the month of October 2016, I represented more successful home buyers than anyone else in my office.

No big deal? Well, in the days of a buyer's market, it wouldn't be; but in the seller's market we're facing now, successful buyer representation can be a tricky thing.

And success doesn't just depend upon me. It depends upon the trust and teamwork between myself and my buyer clients. We collaborate by carefully considering the comps (similar home sales in the same neighborhood), their wallet, and what the market will bear, and then we develop a negotiating strategy teamed with what we feel is a fair price. The end result, notably in the month of October 2016, is a successful negotiation, an open escrow, and some very happy clients.

It is my hope that all my clients, buyers and sellers, will succeed--and not just for the "glory" of an award. At the end of the day, I get my satisfaction from doing my best for the people I represent on either side of the real estate deal.

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