The Personal Touch Can Win the Offer War


Here is Part Four of the four part series on winning the offer war. If you missed the first two,  here are the links to Part One about “PRICE”,  Part Two about “TERMS", and Part Three about "CONTINGENCIES"  Today we’ll be looking at the third factor:


  • Home sellers sell for a myriad of reasons. If your offer is for a home where the seller has been resident, you may assume that back when they bought the house, it was with plans for the future on their minds and optimism in their hearts.  Whatever happened between then and now, people lived in the home and hold a deep appreciation for the shelter from the storm, real and metaphorical, that it provided.  Many sellers hope the home they’re leaving will be someone else’s fresh start.  Presenting yourself as the one who will appreciate and care for the home is a way of winning hearts and minds.  It’s what agents call a “love letter,” sharing with the seller your admiration for the home, and vision of what it will be like for you to live there.
  • Have your agent present the offer in person to the sellers, if that’s possible. Agents in this area know each other-- and experienced agents tend to respect and trust offers brought from someone they know has been in the business a while. Offers from such are usually clear and competent.

The tips in this four part series will help you understand exactly what it takes to create a competitive winning offer.  There is a fifth ingredient, and that's your real estate agent. I hope you will consider me a member of your home buying team. I anticipate that, following this plan as best we can, we'll create beautiful winning offers together.