Turkey, Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Moi

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After a very contentious election, it's time to gather around a table and give thanks.  Perhaps there are many who don't see anything to be thankful for, but here's my take:

The celebration of Thanksgiving is not just a way of taking stock of the year and being thankful for what went well; its very origins are based in two diverse cultures sharing a meal. Without the knowledge and experience of the native people, the original immigrants may not have survived that cold, cold winter.

So we have established two common denominators right here: the need for help, and the sharing of food.

Labels have a way of getting in between people. I'm a "boomer" you might be a "Gen-Xer" or a "Millennial".  There's been several C.A.R. graphics I've posted that outline what Boomers want in a home, or Millennials, and today, below, the ways of a Gen-Xer. Each and every time I post one of these I'm struck by how similar our basic interests are.  They may not outweigh the differences, but they do give us common ground on which to share our lives.

So, this Thanksgiving I want to celebrate and be thankful for our wonderfully diverse culture. It truly does provides us with so many ideas and options for living in and enjoying this beautiful Bay Area and our world as a whole.