What happens when you flag a home

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Real Estate

Often home buyers will find a property on online and fill out a short form that indicates their interest. Many expect the selling agent to respond and are surprised when a different agent calls them back. If this sounds familiar, here’s what happens: your inquiry goes to the first agent that is available to answer your questions. If you don’t have an agent already, this could be the beginning of a wonderful agent/client relationship that will ease your transition into a new home.  I find many clients this way.

If you are already my client, call me directly with the address of the listing. Here’s what happens when you do.  First, I check the Agent Confidential Remarks in the proprietary MLS® and contact the agent representing the Seller to determine:    

    whether the house is still available, i.e. not committed to a contract of sale;

    whether the agent is aware of any offers that may be imminent;

    whether there are any pre-sale disclosures and/or reports available and,

     if so, how many have been distributed and how to get copies to you as soon as possible;

     any scheduled public viewing opportunities, i.e. Open Houses and/or Brokers’ Tours;

     whether there are occupants and/or restrictions on access for private viewings;

     any other useful info the agent is willing to share, i.e. seller’s motivation, prior offers, etc.

Once we determine we should investigate this home in person, I arrange for a viewing. Surprisingly, there’s more to that than meets the eye. I’ll describe the ins and outs of setting up viewing schedules in my next post; or call me and let’s get moving!