Why Do I Need A Listing Alert?

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This is a question often asked by my buyer clients.  They say that they see plenty of homes home on-line, and they do! Soooo many homes. Yet so often the homes they see are sold or pending or just not right for them. Listing Alert is a great way to streamline your search. Here's the skinny:

Best practices for Listing Alert

Some notes on getting the maximum benefit from the monitor

  1. Keep it Simple
    Like most such systems, the Alert draws from the proprietary Multiple Listing Service® the data base where agents enter listing data.  Price, location and size are mandatory—without them, the MLS® program won’t publish a listing.  Many of the other qualities of a home that may be important to you are not mandatory, so requiring that a house has one of these qualities—a level yard, for example—creates a risk of excluding those that do have a level yard but whose agent did not include that fact in the MLS®.
  2.  Looking is free
    As time on the market goes by without a sale, individual listings may become more likely to sell for less than the original list price.  Setting a maximum price in your seach profile, it is important to allow a bit of headroom, in order not to miss the listings that might be on the brink of a price reduction down into range.
  3. How many bedrooms and baths?
    Again the issue is avoiding false exclusions from your results.  "Only 2" in the bathroom field will block mention of a home that might otherwise be suitable but that happened to have three bathrooms.  Would one full bath and one half [commode and basin but no shower or tub] be acceptable?  If so, best to set the bathroom minimum to 1 and simply ignore those 1 bath "matches" that don't have at least an additional half.
  4. Not every picture is worth 1,000 words.
    Pictures on the Multiple Listing Service® are more likely selected to convince Buyers to come for a look, rather than to highlight unattractive features. . .like, say, ugly neighboring houses.  A reality check that’s readily available, for review before you commit to a visit, is to have a look at an online Street View.  
  5. The general principal 
    . . .in setting up an effective automated search is to err on the side of inclusion.  Your Alert will already be saving you hours of frustration, wandering around cyberspace looking at unsuitable and/or already-sold homes.  Why not keep your search specifications fairly loose and click past a few more houses that a glance will tell you won't work, instead of risking you’ll never see the one that will

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