Would you move to please your pet? Many do.

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In days of yore, everyone had a job.  If you were a family pet, your job was not lazing around on the couch. Your job was to guard the house, herd the livestock, retrieve the game, hunt rats, catch mice, and doing any number of things that your owner needed. Nowadays, with guide dogs as a notable exception, city pets are our companions--and for many--substitute children.

I am a pet owner myself, and my dog and cat hold a special place in my heart, but to hear the reports of a professional pet care-giver I'm acquainted with, I don't know the half of really caring for an animal. Many cat homes feature toys, scratching posts, cat boxes, special outdoor structures, cat highways and, sometimes, their own rooms. Dog loving homes give their charges special bowls, beds, treats, grooming, walks, car rides and pet vacations. 

Nowadays, it's as common for home buyers to be as concerned about their animals as parents are about their children in terms of a home's suitability. Check this out:


If you're selling a home in the East Bay, being in close proximity to one of the best dog parks in the United States, Point Isabel, and the trails of Tilden Park can be a real selling point. In fact, I wouldn't hesitate to say that this community is blessed with a wide variety of animal-centric advantages. If you're an animal lover looking to buy or sell a home, I can help. Let's get moving!